Fast Intentions Cat Back


I wanted to give the Z a bit more volume in the exhaust department, but there were tons of systems available with all kinds of configurations. I came across the Fast Intentions Cat Back and listened to a few videos and it sounded really nice. I liked that it was a 2.5 dual system, increasing pipe diameter from 2.0" of the stock system. Folks on the forums were ranting and raving about it so I figured I'd give it a try. It's also 100% made in America. They even grind down the INSIDE of the weld points to optimize flow!


The install was a piece of cake and everything lined up exactly as it should. I did the install on jack stands, but a lift woudl make it even easier. Total install time was about 2 hours, but I took time to shoot a how to video. Without that, I'm gonna guess 1 - 1.5 hours no problem. Impact tools obviously help with getting the stock system off, but aren't required.



For this modification you'll need:


Fast Intentions Cat Back Exhaust

3/8 Drive Ratched (or impact optional)

3/8 6" extension

3/8 12" extension

10mm socket

14mm deep well socket

Swivel socket adapter (optional but helps a lot)

2 x 9/16 wrenches

5/8 wrench

11/16 wrench

12mm socket

Snips (for snipping zip ties)

Jack Stands and or ramps, or a lift


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