GTR Start Button


There's not a lot to tell abou this mod, other than it looks much cooler than the stock clear 370z start button. The install takes all of 5 minutes and it's about a $25.00 part.



For this modification you'll need:


GTR Start Button P/N 25151-JF00A

Dash Pry Tools or a screw driver with tape on it

Philips head screw driver

5 minutes of your time


Difficulty Rating: Tool Icon HalfTool Icon NoneTool Icon NoneTool Icon NoneTool Icon None


Pry up the shifter bezel, then remove the two philips head screws in the dash panel. Gently lift the dash panel up, pop out the stock start button, unplug it, then plug in the GTR button, and pop it back in. Re-assemble the dash and replace the shift bezel. EZ PZ.




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