Counter Measures


I'm not one to condone driving like a maniac putting yourself and others at risk, but cars like the Camaro draw more un-wanted attention from our law enforcement friends than I think many of us would like. I prefer to know where they are and when I'm being watched, and a good radar detector is a good step in that direction. I've had cheap ones and they're junk. If you're going to get one, spend the money on a well known and well reviewed unit. You can find good deals on older units that still work great if you don't have to have all the whiz bang GPS gadgets. I recently snagged a second Escort 8500 X50 that was in brand new condition online very cheaply for the Camaro. I use this same model in the Challenger and it picks up radar signals miles away and doesn't false alert enought to bother me. It does pick up the occasional automatic door, but a quick push of the mute button takes care of that.



I can't stand cords running all over the dash or a radar detector that bounces around on the windshield. I prefer to put in a bit of extra effort and hard mount and hard wire my units making them look like factory options. I use Blendmount rear view mirror mounts. They cost a bit more but the quality is outstanding and the engineering and design top notch. Their power cable is a bit pricey and I have the skill to make my own. They're quick and easy to build and a simple phone cord, a couple of pins, and a soldering iron is all it takes and you can make one practically free. You can optionally include an 2A inline fuse on the 12V wire, but I never have and haven't had a problem in over 10 years. The plugs in the car are already fused and I always use good heat shrink on everything.



For this modification you'll need:


Blendmount for your specific application (car and detector)

Radar detector

Trim tools

Small flat blade screw driver



If making your own power cable:


Phone cord

D-Dub pins P/N 276-1429 from Radio Shack

Soldering iron

Heat shrink

Wire wrap (optional but makes it look factory)


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