Wheel and Tire Upgrade


The Hellcat has a vicious amount of torque and I'm not sure why Dodge sold it without some kind of REAL performance tire option. The 275/40R20 Pirelli P Zero Nero All Season tires that came on mine definitely weren't up to the challenge of managing the torque out put of the Hellcat. I found them spinning leaving red lights with light throttle inputs, and forget trying to get a decent 0-60 time from them. The best I ever managed was a 4.5 before I swapped them over to one of the best tires I've used, the Nitto 555R DOT drag radial.


Here's what an aggressive launch in sport mode looked like with the All Seasons. With the tires still spinning at 70MPH I finally just gave up.



I really liked how the factory Brass Monkey wheels looked, and was pretty excited when I found a compnay called Factory Reproductions made a set that were an identical match and for a very good price. I ordered up a 20x10.5 (an inch wider than stock) with a +25mm offset and mounted some Nitto 555R tires. Results were dramatic and immediate. 0-60 times dropped to 3.6 and now I can actually use more than 1/4 throttle without fear of the tires lighting up in smoke. I added some TPMS sensors to the new wheels so that I do have the option of swapping the All Seasons back on for a long road trip if needed to save the tread on the 555R.






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