Richard Petty's Garage


When having Arrington Engines beef up the power plant in the Challenger, dubbed Project Orange Krush, we had an opportunity to visit Richard Petty's Garage. What a great experience that was. Not following NASCAR very closely, I was honestly expecting some kind of museum, but I was treated to a very high end professional working shop. We got to see some of the Petty Edition Challengers receiving their final touches as well as a host of car restoration projects. Some of the original Richard Petty race cars from the 70s were either restored or in the process of restoration. We had a great time and a big thanks to Greg and everyone else at Petty's Garage for making us feel at home as well as Eric at Arrington for setting up the visit for us.


Here are a few images I captured while visiting Petty's Garage as well as a few from a car show they were hosting as well.


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