Texas Mile October 2012



I attended the Texas Mile event again for October 2012 to help a buddy of mine reach his goal of breaking the 200MPH barrier in his 2009 Challenger RT. The car is highly modified with an Arrington 392 cubic inch motor with all the goodies, a nice lumpy cam, and twin turbos as the power adder. The car is capable of around 1100 rear wheel horse power at 20 pounds of boost, but for this 205.7MPH run we had the boost controller set at about 850 rear wheel horsepower with 16 pounds of boost. We wanted to make anothe run at 20psi, but it wasn't to be for this event.


Several folks from www.modernmoparforum.com came in from all over the country to participate in the event and hang out and enjoy the comradery. Everyone had a fantastic time, as usual, and all met their personal goals. The icing on the cake was this 205.7MPH run by HemiSam, which set the world record for a modern Hemi.



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