Texas Mile March 2011


I flew to TX to help pit crew my buddy's Arrington Powered R/T Challenger at the March 2011 Texas Mile event. He has nearly the exact same setup Arrington did for me including the Magnuson Supercharger. He had a goal of 180MPH, and ended up running a best of 175MPH. That's nothing to sneeze at considering a Lamborghini ran 160MPH.



This event is run on an air strip. You line up your car and from a dead stop accelerate for exactly one mile. Your speed at that one mile mark is recorded, so this event is all about horsepower. There was all manner of cars and bikes at the event from Lambos to Ferraris to Hayabusas to custom hot rods. The fast cars of the day were hopped up Ford GT supercars, Porches, and Dodge Vipers. A heavily modified Dodge Viper took the fastest time of the weekend at 240MPH.



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