Challengers at Camaro5Fest 2010 Valdosta, GA


Some of you may not know this, but Speedy almost bought a 2010 Camaro. Had the local dealer been willing to "deal" a bit on the price I'd likely have a Camaro today instead of the Challenger. Funny how things work out. I absolutely LOVE the Challenger having owned it for the past year, and after test driving a 2SS/RS Camaro, I'm thankful I own a Challenger today as it fits my personality a bit better than the Camaro did. As part of that experience I had joined and was a member of their forum. I made several friends on that site and when they announced their 2010 CamaroFest I wanted to attend even though I now owned a Challenger.


The Camaro5 guys are a great bunch of folks and opened up their event to any vehicle as long as you were a forum member. They even let me post their event on our Challenger forum and several of the folks from there decided to come down as well. In the end about 10 Challengers showed up along with the 400 Camaros in Valdosta, GA the weekend of April 17, 2010. The Camaro folks were very hospitable and we all made some new friends at the event, and the Challengers being there made for some good racing action. All in all it was a great weekend.


The trip down to Valdosta was right at 450 miles from my driveway. This made for the first real road trip I took in the Challenger and I gotta say it's a great road trip car. I averaged 25 mpg and that was cruising between 80 and 85 with the A/C running. The car is comfortable and had loads of trunk space. I was able to fit a cooler, two five gallon wash buckets, my car detailing bag, two lawn chairs, a laptop, camera gear, and my duffel all in the trunk with room to spare.


Here is a video and some pictures from the event:



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Camaro5Fest 2010 Valdosta, Highlights: 09:21



Cookout in the parking lot of the Hilton Hotel we all stayed at.


At the track


Challengers were the first two cars down the track!


Even though only 6 Challengers raced, we did VERY well in the over all standings winning most of our races.


I stopped at Summit Racing in McDonough, GA on the way home. It's like a hot rod toy store.


25.1 mpg avg and a trunk load of gear with room to spare!



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