Challenger Jack Points


I've had several people ask me how to raise the Challenger on a jack to place jack stands. When looking under the vehicle it's not really obvious. I've found locations that have worked well for me using my 3 ton jack. If you follow my suggestions, you do so at your own risk and never support a vehicle with a jack, always use jack stands. These two points have worked great for me and allow me to position my jack stands at the support points at each corner of the vehicle.


On the front, I use what I call the front frame rails. Just raise the vehicle enough to get the jack stand in place, then gently lower the vehicle onto the stand. My jack stand is a bit wider than the stock jack point, so I place it just behind the cut out.



In the rear I use the lower suspension mount point. Again, only raise the vehicle enough to place the jack stand, then gently lower.



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