Pinion Bushing Repair


The past few weeks I had developed a clunk and some odd squeeks coming from the rear end of the car. This was particularly noticeable when letting out the clutch, like leaving a red light, or when easing on and off the throttle. I did some checking at a buddies shop and found the pinion bushing loose, which as odd enough in and of itslef. However, when I tried to torque it to the specified rating of 48 ft/lbs, I found I still had the issue. After some asking around and research on I found the rear pinion bushing was a common cause, and with that information I went to work.



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For this repair you will need:


Jack/, jack stands, or ramps to elevate the rear of the vehicle. It's best to keep the vehicle on it's own weight on the suspension.

Torque wrench

17mm deep well socket

15mm socket




Impact (optional)

New upper and lower bushing (bolt optional) P/Ns 4578085AA - bushing half, 4578191AA - bushing half, 6509315AA - bolt

Creeper (optional)





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