3BAR MAP Sensor for Data Logging


Six speed manual transmission Challengers, like mine, have an issue when they hit 2BAR of boost which is 14.7psi. At 2BAR the car shuts down exactly like it's hitting the rev limiter where the throttle closes and timing is pulled. This condition persists until boost drops back below 2BAR. The solution is to install a MAP clamp, which is a small electronic device that limits the amount of voltage the PCM sees from the MAP sensor. The side effect to this is your data logs will never show more than the clamped amount of boost, which on my car is 14.5psi. In other words, even though I may be getting 15psi, I'll only see 14.5 in the data log.



I've been playing with some smaller blower pulleys lately and really wanted to know exactly how much boost I was pushing. The solution was pretty simple. Install a 3BAR MAP sensor and send its output to the Diablo Trinity for data logging via one of the two analog inputs.


For this modification you'll need:


GM style 3BAR MAP sensor

16ga wire to match 3BAR MAP sensor harness color

16ga ring terminal


Soldering iron

Wire sheath

Zip ties

1/4" or 3/16" rubber vacuum line

1/4" or 3/16" vacuum "T"

Heat shrink

Data logger

1/8" stereo jack cable (or whatever is required for analog input to your data logger)

A supercharged or turbo charged car that needs something like this :)


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