Wheels and Tires


I'd been planning a staggered wheel setup since the day I took delivery of the Challenger. This car has an old school style that I wanted to be sure to keep, and looking for wheels that fit and looked right was a tough job. I'm not in to all the bling bling stuff and wanted something agressive and old school. After several weeks of e-mailing and waiting Boss MotorSports finally came through with their 338s in a nice gray finish. These were absolutey perfect.



After some searching around and price checking I decided to give Discount Tire a call as they were a site vendor on some of the forums I frequent. This was one of the best decisions I've made. The staff are more than professional, know they're stuff, are friendly, and eager to help you accomplish your goals. I worked with Rich at the Murfreesboro, TN location and he hooked me up with an unbelievable price on the wheels and tires.



I ended up going with the Boss 338s in the Gray finish in a 20x8.5 for the front and a 20x10 for the back. The 20x8.5 wheels have a +14mm offset and 5.239" of back spacing. The 20x10 wheels have a +20mm offset and 6.225" of backspacing. A nice staggered setup just like I wanted. For tires we used an Nitto Invo 245/40ZR20 for the front and 295/35ZR20 for the rear. This kept the tire diameters very close to one another as well as the stock height, allowed proper fitment, and a nice fat contact patch in the back of nearly 12 inches!!!



I went by Discount Tire to look at the wheels and to check out their operation. There were several cars in their shop, one of which was an older Ford Ranger. Being particular about my ride, I carefully watched their technican install new tires on this beat up truck. From the way the tech was working you'd have thought it was a Ferrari. He was extremely careful with the wheels, starting the lug nuts by hand, easing them down with a special impact wrench attachment that limited torque to 65 ft/lbs, then unbelievably he used a torque wrench to tighten the lug nuts down. This is rare folks. Most places hit them with an impact and call it a day, which is a big NO NO. After witnessing how careful and professional these guys were, I was confident my car was in good hands and made an appointment to have the wheels and tires installed.


Jacob and Whit were the two techs who worked on the Challenger. These guys look like they have a lot of fun and enjoy their work. They worked together like a finely tuned machine carefully raising the vehicle just enough to get the tires off the ground. Next they gently removed the passenger side stock tires and brought over a front and rear Boss 338 to do a test fit. So far so good, now it's time to mount up a front and rear tire to make sure the entire packge fits properly.


Here Jacob is mounting up one of the tires on the new wheel. Whit is doing a test fit to make sure we're good to go.


There was a brief panic moment as the rear tires were touching the splash shields on the inner fender, but after lowering the car to the ground there was 2+ inches of room between the tire and any body or suspension parts. It seems the susupension droops quite a bit when the wheels are off the ground! Crisis averted, everthing fit like a glove and I was stoked!


With the test fits complete the wheels and tires were mounted up. I watched as Jacob and Whit did their thing. They had a print out with my vehicle's information and all the torque specs to follow, which was dead on as I double checked when I got home.


65 ft/lbs torque limited impact wrench. Torquing the lug nuts to 110 ft/lbs, the stock spec.


I can't say enough good things about Discount Tire. They're prices are outstanding and their service even better. I've found my tire shop that I'll use exclusively from now on. I wish I'd tried them sooner.



As you can see, the back tires fit nicely WITHIN the wheel wells.



The Challenger now looks EXACTLY as I invisioned it six months ago when I took delivery. It's rare you can pull something like that off as usually there has to be compromises. I'm thrilled with how it turned out.




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