Billet Technology Nose Badge


The Ram's Head nose badge that Dodge installs on the Challenger from the factory just doesn't fit the vehicle. I've done my best to eliminate those Ram Heads from the vehicle, replacing them with something more suited. The wheels' Ram's Heads were replaced when I installed the Boss 338s. Now I've replaced the nose badge with a very nice anodized aluminum piece from Billet Technology.



For this modification you'll need:


Billet Technology Nose Badge

Plastic Dash Pry Tools

Painter's Tape

Rubbing Alcohol

Paper Towel


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The install is a piece of cake and the new nose badge attaches with a very strong double sided tape. There is some confusion on how to best remove the stock Ram's Head badge while keeping it intact, so I did a quick video showing how it's done.


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Nose Badge Install 02:47

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