Catch Can


The LX engine line seems to blow a fairly significant amount of oil through the PCV system. This oily sludge is deposited back into the intake manifold to be reburned. This process has been shown to cause an oily film to accumulate in the intake leading to more knock retard and thus reduced performance. I was skeptical about how much a catch can was really necessary, but after watching some folks track how much oil they captured in the catch can, I was convinced. I ordered my catch can from Billet Technology. They do excellent work and my polished catch can was of much higher quality than I initially expected. I'd highly recommend purchasing from them.



There is a lot of discussion on the web as to the necessity of a Catch Can on the Challenger. I've been monitoring the amount of oil the Catch Can on my Challenger has collected over the past 3,000 miles and I'm convinced it's a worth while addition to the car. Here are pictures of what my Catch Can contained after 3,000 miles.



For this modification you'll need:


Billet Technology Catch Can

Lubricant (NOT WD-40 as it will dry over time making the hoses difficult to remove in the future. Use an oil or high temp grease)

17mm Wrench

Heavy Duty Scissors or Sharp Knife


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This was another simple modification to make and warranted a video rather than a written article.


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Catch Can Installation 06:03

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