Upgraded Belt Tensioner


After talking to several friends with supercharged Challengers and seeing one of the stock belt tensioners break, I decided I would upgrade mine to a more robust unit. Thanks to John and Mike for the info on the part number which is a Dayco unit with part number 89377.


In the picture below, you can see the stock unit up top and the upgraded Dayco unit on the bottom. The Dayco uses a better spring design which shouldn't be as prone to faiulre under the additonal stresses a supercharged application places on the tensioner.



The replacement procedure is simple and requires very few tools and about 15 minutes of your time. I highly recommend it, especially if you have a supercharger installed. The Dayco tensioner is about $40 and available at just about any auto parts store.


For this modification you'll need:


Dayco Belt Tensioner P/N 89377

3/8 Breaker Bar

3/8 Torque Wrench

16mm Socket

15 minutes :)


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Dayco Tensioner Installation 06:08


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