Drive Shaft Shop 1000HP Chromoly Drive Shaft Install


After seeing some friends breaking drive shafts, differentials, and axles at the drag strip I decided to upgrade my drive shaft in hopes of avoiding some of that carnage. The theory is that the drive shaft collapses which then takes out the axles and differential. We have no iron clad proof this is the process of events, but I figure it's one less thing to worry about. This addition makes the differential and clutch the last two stock pieces left in the drive line of Orange Krush.



The installation isn't terribly difficult, but it is a bit time consuming, specifically on jack stands which is how I installed mine. You'll need to remove most of the exhaust system, and that's a chore in and of itself. The rest of the install is very straight forward. If you have access to a lift, it will easily cut the install time down by 30% and with a buddy's help you should complete it within 3 hours.


After the install, I noticed quite a bit more noise in the cabin of the car. I checked all clearances from underneath and enlisted the help of a buddy to ride in the car to help locate the source of the noise. It literally sounded like the exhaust was sitting in the back seat. We ended up removing the center console and going for a drive and located the source of the noise. The drive shaft tunnel has a piece of metal spot welded over it to allow the center console to bolt in. This piece was rattling against the drive shaft tunnel resonating noise through the body of the car. The hard mounts of the upgraded drive shaft introduced just enough NVH to cause a resonance between these two pieces of metal. We used some automotive spray foam and a few pieces of Dynamat to solve the issue. This may not happen in all cases and could have just been a fluke with my car, but it's something to be aware of if you notice a lot of exhaust sound, drone, or other noise after the install.


For this modification you'll need:


DSS Chromoly Drive Shaft

Torque Wrench

8mm and 10mm hex head sockets

Socket Extenions


18mm Wrench

19mm Wrench

8mm - 18mm sockets

Wobble Socket Adapters


Jack Stands

Creeper (optional but recommended)

Impact Tools (optional but recommended)



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