Drive Shaft Shop Level 5 Axles


After getting frustrated struggling with traction last season at the drag strip, I decided to try some drag radials this season. However, the 6 speed Challenger axles have proven to be a weak link when using drag radials so I wanted to upgrade mine to avoid any issues. I went with the Drive Shaft Shop's Level 5 axles. These are a direct replacement for the stock axles and are rated to 1400HP.



The install isn't very difficult, espeically if you have access to a lift. I rented rack space at a local performance shop to do the install and it took about 2.5 hours to complete. I'd like to thank Agent Automotive in Mt. Juliet, TN for letting me use their rack and for the expert help with the install. If you need any hot rod work done I HIGHLY recommend these guys. I saw some of their project vehicles and to say they were amazing is an understatement (think Jeep Wrangler with a 6.1 HEMI power plant that looks factory).


The install can be completed on jack stands, it will just take a bit longer.


For this modification you'll need:


DSS Level 5 Axles

Jack and jack stands or a lift

10mm, 15mm, 16mm, 18mm, 21mm crescent wrenches and sockets

Lug wrench or socket

Socket wrench (STRONG 3/8" and 1/2" drive)

1/2" drive breaker bar or impact gun

Torque wrench good to 157 ft/lbs

Inch lb torque wrench (optional)

Rubber mallet

A piece of soft plastic or soft pine wood to remove tone rings from stock axles

Pry bar

Punch to help align grommets for reassembly



12mm and 8mm allen sockets

32mm deep well socket for axle nut

T30 Torx bit for parking brake cable


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Drive Shaft Shop Level 5 Axle Install: 09:31


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