FORE Dual Pump Fuel Hat Install


As part of the build on Orange Krush, the fuel system was beefed up to provide some extra fuel to the supercharged power plant. Arrington fabricated a way to install two Walbro 255LPH fuel pumps in the stock fuel basket. Arrington later released a dual pump billet aluminum fuel hat produced by Fore Precision Works that was much more elegant. As an option, you can also add an upgraded wiring harness to take the load off the stock wiring that was only designed to run a single fuel pump. After seeing this fuel hat I had to have one..



With the instructions included with the harness, the installation is pretty straight forward, but tedious. The hardest part is working in the back seat area where there's little room, but it's manageable. There is a bit of soldering, but it's worth it to have the better than OEM Weatherpak connectors hooked up like factory. I highly recommend the wiring harness if you decide to make this upgrade. The stock fuel pump fuse is rated at 20A. The dual Walbros draw 18A, so that's right on the limit. The upgraded harness supports 25A no problem. The Arrington upgraded harness uses heavier gauge wire than the factory, so the harness doesn't even get warm like the stock wiring did in my car with dual pumps. This definitely gives piece of mind.


After the install my fuel pressure was up about 8psi at the rail. If you install one of these, you may need a tune adjustment to account for the added fuel pressure as it will likely increase the AFR (air fuel ratio). This isn't at all dangerous, but may leave some power on the table.




For this modification you'll need:

Fore Dual Pump Fuel Hat

Arrington Upraded Wire Harness (optional but highly recommended)

A 10 mm Wrench  or 3/8 inch Drive Ratchet and 10mm Socket

An 18mm Wrench or 1/2 inch Drive Ratchet and 18mm Socket


Wire cutters  and small pliers

Wire stripper

Soldering  iron

3/32nd or 2.5mm hex bit for screwdriver

Fuel Hat locking ring removal tool or a 5 Lb hammer and  3/8 inch x 18 inch steel rod to remove the locking ring

7mm 1/4 inch drive socket

Difficulty Rating:


Here's an install video I put together toshow how it's done as well as a few pictures.


The video is a bit large, so you may want to hit play, then pause it for a minute or two to let it begin buffering. This is especially imporatant if you have a slower internet connection.


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Fore Dual Pump Fuel Hat Installation with Arrington Upraded Wiring Harness: 28:07


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