Fuel Pressure Gauge


Honestly, I should have completed this mod along with the supercharger install, but I just didn't think about it. I decided to add a fuel rail mounted fuel pressure gauge to Project Orange Krush. I chose a gauge that was very similar to the facotry dash gauges, an Autometer 2177, which is also good for high vibration environments. It was cheap, fit well, adds a little something to the engine bay, and lets me know my fuel pressure is good at idle, or at WOT when on the dyno. All in all a worthwhile endeavor for 15 minutes of my time.



For this modification you'll need:


Fuel Pressure Gauge (I got an Autometer 2177)

90° Elbow 1/8 NPT male to female (I got a chrome Gardner-Westcott Company J9021)

Permatex Thread Sealant 59214

1/2" Crescent Wrench

14mm Crescent Wrench

Painter's Tape

T30 Star Bit for 3/8" Socket Wrench (yours may be different, check size)

3/8" Socket Wrench

Shop Rag


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This is a pretty basic mod....put a shop rag under the plug, remove the plug, put sealant on the 90° fitting, install fitting, put sealant on gauge threads, install gauge, done. The biggest thing to watch here is not to overtighten anything since you're dealing with 1/8 NPT threads and aluminum/brass.


Here's a quick video:


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Fuel Pressure Gauge Installation: 5:03


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