Gauge Cluster Upgrade


When I first got the Challenger, I liked the white gauges. They were different from other cars I had owned. After a few years though, I wanted something different and custom. I decided to go to a black gauge face with red highlight, classic yet modern look, and add some custom touches like SUPERCHARGED on the speedo and R/T on the tach. I also added Premium Fuel Only to the gas gauge and had actual temperature readings placed on the coolant gauge. All in all they turned out fantastic and really changed the interior of the car. It's modern, yet classic, just what I was looking for. Here's how I got it done.



For this modification you'll need:


Gauge Faces - several manufacturers available, just look and find ones you like, custom options available as well

Illuminated needle kit (optional but recommended for dark gauge faces)

Phillips screw driver

Torx bit set

Silver Sharpie

Straight edge

Camera or cluster drawing for needle reference

Dash pry set (can use a kitchen fork as well)

Drill driver (optional but makes disassembly faster)


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