Line Lock Install


After spending a couple of Saturdays at the track doing the tap dance from the clutch to the brake in the burn out box, I decided it was time for a line lock. I'm apprehensive about too many aftermarket electronic gizmos affecting major vehicle systems, so I had been putting this one off so I could do some research. I ended up deciding on the Hurst line lock due to the quality of the solenoid and stainless lines. The solenoid even has a heat sink as it's mounting surface. Having said that the electrical connections and mounting hardware are junk and should be replaced with quality parts.



I went a bit further than some folks might in my install to keep everything as OEM as possible while at the same time offering a level of safety with the unit. The last thing I wanted was some chance for the line lock to engage during normal street driving unexpectedly.


For this modification you'll need:

Line Lock Kit

16ga wire (red and black)

Wire Strippers

Soldering Iron

Heat Shrink

Wire Crimper

16ga Insulated Spade Connectors


Rocker Switch

Push Button Switch or Custom Shift Knob w/Switch

Wire Loom

10mm, 13mm, 14mm, 18mm Wrenches

Teflon Tape

Zip Ties

Plenty of Towels

Dot 3/4 Brake Fluid

Clear Vinyl Tube and an Empty Container (to bleed brakes)

Dash Prying Tool Kit

Electrical Tape

1/4 x 20 lock nuts (optional but recommended)

Blue Loctite

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