New Shoes for Orange Krush


The 295/35R20 Nitto Invos that seemed to be "ok" before the built motor and blower were like driving on marbles after the upgrades. Even at 80MPH plus I could spin those tires at will going to the floor with the throttle and that's just plain dangerous. I try to be cost effective with modifications so I just lived with those tires until they were worn, and shockingly they lasted nearly 20,000 miles! I had read good things about the Nitto 555R drag radial and decided to check them out in a WIDE 305/35R20. The Boss 338 wheels had been on the car for a few years and I wanted a change there as well, so I went with a Savini BM7 wheel at the same time. I'm really liking the more modern look! I don't expect the 555R drag radials to last 20,000 miles, but I don't drive this car every day and I'd rather have the grip vs. the life. I've put about 300 miles on them so far and they're awesome on the street. I can actually use more than 60% of the throttle without the car trying to kill me. I'll report back when they're shot with how many miles I get out of them.




The wheels are 20x10 in the rear with a +25mm offset and the fronts are a 20x8 with a +15mm offset. The 20x10s weighed 29.5 lbs and the 20x8 weighed 29 lbs even. That's about 4lbs per wheel lighter than the Boss 338s. With the 25mm offset on the rear and a 305/35R20 tire, I had to do some massaging of the inner fender liner to make room. It's easy and really not a big deal at all.



For this modification you'll need:



Jack Stands

Lug nut socket and socket wrench

Torque Wrench

Impact Tools (make things easier but not required)

Heat Gun


Scrap piece of wood


Difficulty Rating:



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