Shortened Sway Bar End Links


I was growing tired of fighting with the Weld Wheels at the track. In the rear they were hitting the sway bar with the car on the jack to swap wheels and tires. Shortening the sway bar end links was the solution.



For this modification you'll need:



Jack Stands

Wheel Chock

15mm and 16mm sockets or wrenches

Torque Wrench

Crow Foot Adapter (optional)

Cut off wheel or other tool to cut the end links

Welder (or take them to a shop :) )


Difficulty Rating: Tool Icon HalfTool Icon NoneTool Icon NoneTool Icon NoneTool Icon None


This modification is pretty simple. I opted to have a shop weld mine as it was cheap and I knew it would be safe at 130MPH on the quarter mile. Now swapping to my Weld racing wheels at the track is MUCH simpler.



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