Spark Plug Swap


I've been running the stock spark plugs in Orange Krush since day one. Arrington re-used them when they did the built motor and blower. The manual calls to change them after 24,000 miles, but since I push the big girl from time to time and spend a bit of time at the track I figured a tick over 12,000 I should go ahead and swap them out. Since it's supercharged I went with one step colder plugs and based on Arrington and Hemituner's recomendations went with the NGK 6619 plug. They're gasket seat to match the 5.7 heads and one step colder than stock. The down side on the Hemi is there are 16 of these plugs to swap. Pretty easy just pay attention to the torque spec of 13 ft/lbs on the plugs and use some anti sieze on the threads and you'll be good to go.



For this modification you'll need:


Spark Plugs For Your Application

Spark Plug Gap Tool (I use Craftsman P/N 40801)

5/8 Spark Plugs Socket


Anti Sieze Compound

Dielectric Grease

Torque Wrench (13 ft/lbs)

Inch Pound Torque Wrench (Optional for coil pack bolts 106 inch pounds)



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