Clutch and Transmission Upgrade


A good friend of mine, Mani, won a McLeod RXT clutch at ChallengerFest4 last year in the 6 Speed Shootout racing class, and graciously gave the clutch to me. When it came time to install the clutch, I decided to look at some transmission upgrades since the transmission would be out of the car already. I came across a great deal from another buddy of mine, Sam, and bought his RPM built and cryotreated Tremec TR6060 as he was going with a 4L80E to meet new power levels from his twin turbo setup at 1100 RWHP. I had Sam include his QuickTime bellhousing as well for a bit of added safety.



I did the install at a friend's shop, Agent Automotive. You've heard me talk about his shop in previous project articles. He lets me come over to use his lift, and nice tools, and the extra set of hands makes the projects go quick. He does fantastic work on everything from standard maintenance to full on custom builds, so be sure to check him out if you have a vehicle needing some work. Doing the install on a lift was really easy, but that would not be the case on jack stands under the car so keep that in mind.


For this modification you'll need:





Vehicle Lift - Highly recommended as it takes the difficulty level down tremendously

Transmission Jack - Highly recommended as it takes the difficulty level down tremendously

Impact gun - optional but makes thing easier

3 foot 1/2 drive extenstion for impact - optional but makes removing the top trans to bell housing bolts easy

SPECIAL TOOL - Miller 10018 Clutch Alignment Tool

SPECIAL TOOL - Inverted E 12 Torx socket - to remove stock clutch

Variety of metric and SAE sockets, wrenches, and extensions

4 quarts of transmission fluid

Brake Fluid - recommend to flush system with high temp fluid



Difficulty Rating: Tool Icon HalfTool Icon NoneTool Icon NoneTool Icon NoneTool Icon None





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