DiabloSport Trinity Analog Input


I wanted to get rid of the laptop in the car when data logging and decided to pick up a DiabloSport Trinity. This would allow me to log all my normal PIDs along with Air Fuel Ratio on the same device, which the Predator couldn'd do. This will make data logging easier as well as easier log review since Air Fuel Ratio would now show up in the log with the rest of the PIDs in DiabloSport Dataviewer Software.



The Trinity is a pretty slick device. It's relatively small, comes with a suction cup mount for the vehicle windshield, and has a 2.5mm stereo jack for two analog inputs from external devices such as Wideband O2 sensors, exhaust gas temp sensors, fuel pressure sensors, etc as long as they output a linear 0-5V signal.


My only complaints are that it doesn't act like a normal USB device when plugged in to a computer. In order to get tune files to the Trinity, or log data off, you have to use DiabloSport Downloader software. The most recent CROM update to the Trinity does allow you to export data logs and gauge layouts to a SD card which is a good step in the right direction. Hopefully with future software updates drag and drop capability to the Trinity from a PC will be supported. Loading tune files from the Trinity is much faster than the Predator.


For this modification you'll need:


DiabloSport Trinity

2.5mm 90° Stereo Cable (www.digikey.com P/N CP-2204-ND)

Soldering Iron


Wire cutter/stripper

Zip Ties

Heat Shrink

Wideband or other sensor already installed in the vehicle

(if your wideband is installed where mine is you'll also need a phillips head screw driver and a 10mm socket with ratchet)


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