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Back at ChallengerFest4 in 2013 a good buddy of mine who goes by the screen name Notsure brought some motorized coolers with him to the event. They were a ton of fun and a huge hit with the crowd. Lots of playing around on those things and some late night parking lot races insued. The following year he donated an electric motorized cooler to be auctioned off for our official event charity who help service wounded veterans with everything from counseling to job placement and use motorsports as a vehicle to that goal. Through generous bids from folks attending CF5, that cooler brought in a considerable amount of money for the charity. The following year at CF6 the folks who won the bid the previous year re-donated the cooler to be auctioned off again, bringing in even more.


After CF6, I started doing some research to see if there were a high quality gas powered cooler available and I discovered I gave them a call, explained what we do for Racing4Vets and inquired if they were interested in working with us in some fashion. Craig from Crazy Coolers was a super guy and was excited to get involved. I purchased one of their units for review and had it a couple of days later. Excellent customer service and extremely fast delivery! I was very surprised at how high quality the unit was. Nothing felt "cheap", the instructions were thorough and well written with tons of pictures, and the unit was easy to assemble and work on. It would make a great father and son project. It is a blast to ride and I literally have not had this much fun on something since I was about 8 years old riding my 70cc Honda three wheeler.


If we sell ten Crazy Coolers with the discount code above, SPEEDYS GARAGE, which is good for $100 off the unit, Crazy Coolers will donate a cooler to the ChallengerFest7 charity auction! These things are WELL worth the price of admission, and are an excellent deal with this discount. If you want something fun to ride around on in the pits at the track, at car shows, camping, etc this is the unti for you. It has off road tires and has no problem hauling my 180 pound butt around the neighborhood and through the yard. It has a 250 pound max weight and a 2HP 49cc 4 stroke motor, which means NO mixing of gas and oil. Just pour in some good fuel and off you go. It's easy to start and quiet as well. The cooler even has a drain cap on the front to empty any water from melting ice!


This cooler is very cool as is, but you guys know we modify EVERYTHING at Speedy's Garage. Stay tuned to see what we come up with as I have some really neat ideas for this thing :) On a fun factor scale of 1-10 Speedy gives it a 12!




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