Honda 919 Mirror Upgrade

March 2003

The looks of the 919 appeal to the "I wanna be different" side of my personality.  I like going to a local "Bike Night" and not having to wonder which bike is mine.  I like looking out in the sea of sport bikes, and knowing right off the bat which machine belongs to me.  It's unique, different, bold, and industrial in it's appearance, all except for those stock Mickey Mouse mirrors.

I looked all last summer for a set of mirrors that I felt more complimented the "attitude" the 919 conveys.  With the 919s flat black paint job (US Models), interesting tail section, and body lines, the stock mirrors just do not do the bike justice.  A fellow 919er sent me some pictures of his custom 919 and had some mirrors installed that really looked the part.  They were SuperBike GPX mirrors.  I went to my local dealer and found these to be very reasonably priced at $25.00 US for the pair, so I ordered a set.  These mirrors are side specific, so make sure to order both left hand and right hand.  The part numbers my dealer ordered for me were:  Ken Sean Brand GX10-RH and GX10-LH.

Installation is very simple.  Just unscrew the stock mirrors, including the 14mm spacer nut, and screw the new SuperBike GPX mirrors in place.  Be sure to keep an eye on the thread depth when installing the new mirrors.  The stock mounting post hole goes all the way through so if you just screw the mirrors in all the way, the threads will stick out the bottom.  This wouldn't cause a problem, it just doesn't look very good.  The SuperBike mirrors have a 17mm nut on the top that locks them down.   I ran the SuperBike mirrors down until the thread was flush with the bottom of the mirror post, then ran the mirrors' lock nut down until it was snug to give me room to adjust the angle of the mirrors.  Be careful not to cross thread the mirror during installation.  You don't want to mess up the threads in the stock post or on the mirror.  Once I had them positioned to my liking, I tightened the lock nut securing the mirrors in place.

The mirrors really improved the look of the 919.  They match the paint and attitude much better than the stock mirrors.  The also give a tad larger horizontal field of view to boot.  I was lucky to have a beautiful Saturday this past weekend, and got a chance to thoroughly test these mirrors.  Vibration is nill, not any more than stock, perhaps a little less.  I ran the bike to 100+ MPH and the mirrors stayed in place.  On my 150 mile ride, I went through a variety of conditions, including rail road crossings, bumps, twisty roads, and city traffic.  The mirrors performed fine in all circumstances and stayed where I had placed them.  For $25.00 I'd say these are a great buy.


The mirror housings are a plastic material therefore they will scratch so be aware of that while installing them.