Sato Racing Exhaust

August 2003


Sato Exhaust Video 3.38MB 


I had the opportunity to try out some new exhaust cans on the 919.  I had never had any problems with my Two Brother Racing cans, but having a chance to get a new toy for the 919, not to mention the reputation of Sato exhaust systems, I couldn't resist.  The parts included straps to mount the cans to the bike, rubber strips to protect the cans from the can straps, compression straps for attaching the Sato down pipes to the stock Honda "Y" pipe, aluminum brackets to bolt the cans to the frame, and of course the bolts themselves.

The Satos came well packaged.  The cans are titanium and the end caps and down pipes are stainless steel.  Sato is well known for their quality and attention to detail, and I must say it shows in their product.  Everything is included to bolt the cans to the bike.  The installation instructions leave a little something to be desired, so get some help from a buddy if you've never installed a set of slip on exhaust cans on your 919.  If you've installed any slip on exhaust system on a 919 before, then you should have no problems.  For detailed instructions on how to install this exhaust system visit THIS LINK at

Basically you just remove the seat and tail section.  Then remove your stock exhaust.  All of this should be pretty obvious.  You'll need some hex head sockets for the tail section, so make sure you have those.  The biggest piece of advice I can give is to loosely bolt everything to the bike and get the Sato cans leveled up and centered before tightening anything up.  This will save you a lot of time bolting and unbolting the cans to get them even.  One of the things I like the best about the Sato system is that the can retaining straps bolt to the 919s frame in the same location as the stock exhaust.  This makes the mounting system very secure.


The second thing I liked about this Sato system is that the down pipes are welded to the cans.  This make them a one piece installation and eliminates the chance for leaks at the down pipes.  The welds are extremely clean and finished.  The entire installation took me about 30 minutes including pictures.


Firing up the bike a smile just stretched across my face.  The tubes are a tad larger on the Satos than on the Two Brothers system I had.  This makes for a deeper rumble at idle.  Crank on the throttle and they really sing.  Taking them for a test ride, I could swear I feel more power in the mid rpm ranges, but this could just be mental as the sound is really something.  I'll have to follow up with a Dyno run to compare to the TBR Dyno run I did before.


One oddity I've found with this exhaust is that the exhaust smell issue I've had from this bike is greatly reduced.  This surprised me as I still had the exhaust smell problem with the TBR exhaust I had previously.  For some reason with these Sato cans, the exhaust smell is barely even noticeable.  An added bonus.