Honda CBR 1000RR Corbin Pilot's Seat

July 2006

Through some internet finagling, I ended up with a Corbin seat for the 1000RR.  I'd heard a few people sing their praises of this seat, but the fact that it was touted more as a touring seat rather than a sport seat had put me off.  After installing and giving this seat a try I wish I'd tried one sooner.  The workmanship is top notch and the seat is a direct bolt on.  The weight of the Corbin pilot's seat is 4.04 lbs compared to the stock pilot's seat 1.78 lbs weight, but the gain of 2.26 lbs is well worth it in terms of riding comfort.

The padding doesn't feel soft to the touch, but hot spots on long rides are a thing of the past.  One of the major characteristics of this seat is that it has a very slight curvature that keeps the pilot out of the tank.  With the stock seat fitted it seemed I was always sliding myself back out of the tank and with the Corbin this is no longer an issue.  The Corbin is about 2 inches thicker than the stock seat, so if you're already tip toeing the 1000RR keep that in mind as it does make a noticeable difference. 


One concern I had was how the Corbin would act while sport riding.  I donned my leathers and went for a nice spirited 200 mile ride to find out.  I'm happy to report that once you get used to sliding out of the dip in the Corbin as well as getting accustomed to it's edge pressing into your bum while hanging off the bike, it doesn't affect sport riding in the least.  For a track day, I'd recommend fitting the stock seat back to the bike as the Corbin is MUCH more expensive to replace should you have a fall at the track, and the stock seat does allow you to slide around just a tad bit easier.

If you've got some extra cash and are looking to make your 1000RR more comfortable to ride then the Corbin seat is for you.  I'm accustomed to 200+ mile days on this bike, but I always had problems with hot spots.  Now that's no longer the case and I feel I could ride this bike all day with no problems.  The carbon fiber look leather is also a nice touch and fit in nicely with the carbon fiber highlights on my Repsol.  If you're so inclined these seats can be custom ordered with colored piping to match your machine.


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