Honda CBR 1000RR Power Commander III Issue

March 2005

It's been determined that the installation instructions for the Power Command III (hereby referred to as PCIII) are not clear as to which set of fuel injectors the unit should be connected to.  The 1000RR has two sets of injectors, a lower set and an upper set.  The lower set are the main injectors, while the upper set come in to play at higher RPMs.  The PCIII installation instructions make it appear that the unit should be connected to the upper injectors.  This is WRONG and will cause a large dip in power as shown in the dyno graph below.  I post this information on my site as this is a VERY common mistake.  The lower injectors are more difficult to reach so if your PCIII was a cinch to hook up, you'll probably want to check to make sure you used the correct injector connections.  The PRIMARY injectors in the image below are the lower injectors and are the correct ones to hook up your PCIII to.

The dyno graphs below are from a 2004 CBR 1000RR utilizing a PCIII and a Yoshimura RS-5 slip on exhaust.  The PCIII map used is the one provided on the Dynojet website for a 1000RR running the Yoshimura RS-5 slip on.  The top graph shows what happens when you hook up the PCIII to the upper injectors.  Notice the over all loss in power as well as the huge dip around 9,500 RPM.  The bottom graph shows the same bike running the PCIII hooked up properly to the lower set of injectors.  The power gain is what is expected for a slip on and there is no dip at 9,500 RPM. 





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