Honda CBR 1000RR Exhaust Gas Control Valve (EGCV)

June 2005

Honda places a valve in the tail pipe of the exhaust system on the 1000RR.  This isn't out of the ordinary as a lot of the motorcycle manufacturers are now doing this.  The press release on this device states it is designed to aid low end power and torque, however much research on the matter has shown otherwise.  It seems this device is placed in the end pipe in order for Honda to meet noise emission limits.  This device is similar to the flapper on the intake side in that it opens above a set RPM level, which I believe is 5,600.  As I've mentioned in previous articles, the noise emission tests are at this same 5,600 RPM level.  After taking my stock exhaust off the bike and visually inspecting this valve, I can't see how it could possibly aid power.  To get to the pulley simply remove the two 8mm screws on the EGCV cover.

On the 1000RR this valve is located just in front of the end can.  If you replace your stock end can with an aftermarket slip on or full system, this valve will go away.  There are two cables that control the valve's operation.  To disable this emission control device you simply unhook the cables from the pulley on the exhaust valve.  You can either zip tie them out of the way, or as most people including myself have done, remove them completely.  The other end of the cables connects to a pulley behind the left mid fairing.  DO NOT remove the pulley itself at the engine as this will cause the ECU to trip a fault code and the trouble lamp on your instruments will illuminate.  To remove the exhaust valve cables completely, simply unhook them from the servo motor located on the left side of the motor.

You can disable the EGCV on the stock exhaust as well, as by default the valve is open and held open via a spring.  I did not think to dyno test opening this valve on the stock exhaust to see what difference it made, so if you do so please let me know.


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