Honda CBR 1000RR How To Video Series

I've started putting together a "How To" video series on the Honda CBR 1000RR motorcycle.  This series is applicable to 2004 - 2005 model 1000RRs and is likely applicable to 2006 models as I don't believe there were many changes to the 2006 1000RR from an upgrade and maintenance perspective.  The videos are available in DVD format and each will contain two "How To" segments.  The cost is $24.99 US with FREE SHIPPING to the continental United States.  Considering the time these videos will save you while performing the upgrades or maintenance, not to mention saving the money on having someone do the work for you, I think you'll find them a bargain.  If you live outside of the continental United States and wish to own one of these DVDs, just send me an e-mail for information on how to order. 

DVDs will be mailed out the day after payment is received if purchased via PayPal.  Checks and money orders are also accepted.  If payment is made with a personal check the DVD will be mailed out after 7 business days to insure the check clears the banking system.

Volume 1  $24.99 Power Commander III USB Install
This "How To" goes through all the steps to install a PCIII USB on the Honda CBR1000RR motorcycle.  This video is highly detailed showing the steps to open up the bike to reach the injectors as well as which set of injectors the PCIII USB should be connected to.  The PCIII USB software is also discussed in detail showing how to calibrate the throttle position to the PCIII USB and how to load and unload maps on the unit.


SpeedoHealer Install
This segment will go through the steps to properly and neatly install a SpeedoHealer.  Items covered include how to access the stock speed sensor, routing the SpeedoHealer wiring, as well as testing for a proper installation.  Programming of the SpeedoHealer and the benefits of installing one of these handy little units is also discussed.


Volume 2 $24.99 

Brake System Upgrades
This instructional video discusses the steps necessary to install stainless steel brake lines, tidying up the rear brake reservoir, and the how and why to installing a set of Speed Bleeders.  Everything is covered from removing the stock brake lines, to shaving the stock rear reservoir mounting tab off the sub frame.  This "How To" is broken down into three parts to cover the stainless steel line install, rear reservoir modification, and Speed Bleeders and bleeding the brake system.


Easy Flapper Modification
This simple yet effective modification is one that still raises many questions.  This video will answer the why and how of disabling this horsepower robbing device.  You will see in high detail the steps to follow to disable this flapper the easy way.  Before and after dyno graphs are also shown and discussed so you can see for yourself just how much horsepower is gained and where in the RPM range the gains are most prevalent.



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