Honda CBR 1000RR Repsol Decal Placement Guide

March 2005

From Honda the Repsol edition 1000RRs come with 95% of the decals already installed.  Honda provides a "decal pack" that includes all the sponsor stickers.  I asked my dealer not to put the Repsol sticker pack on my bike when I bought it.  There were two reasons for this.  Number one, I'm extremely anal and can't stand crooked decals, or decals with bubbles under them and I doubt the dealer would have taken the care I would when installing them.  Number two, I wasn't sure I wanted all the poser decals on my bike.  I later decided to put them on just to see how I liked it and I like it pretty well, I mean it's already a poser bike anyway so what are a few sponsor decals in the grand scheme of things.  I may switch some of them out later, like the Michelin decals for instance, since the bike came with Pirellis. 

I wanted to be as accurate as possible when installing the decals so I found a "decal map" on line and used it to determine where the decals should be placed.  I also used the Honda promotional image as well.  Be careful when placing the decals as they are very "tacky" and stick as soon as they touch the bike, or any other surface for that matter.  I tried to move one after it was placed and they tend to rip when you try to move them.  I had to order a replacement decal from my dealer, one of the Repsol logos for the gas tank, and it was $14.00.  OUCH!  If you want your decals placed as Honda intended, you can use the images of my 1000RR below as a guide.  To place the NGK and RK decals properly, you'll need to use a sharp blade to trim around the bolt holes in the lower fairing.

If you poo poo your sponsor decals for some reason, I'm told you have to really hassle Honda to purchase a new set.  The decal pack part number is 83702-mel-d13 and you have to buy the entire set.  They're around $150 US as of this writing.  You'll also have to provide your Repsol VIN to the Dealer as proof you own a Repsol Edition in order to purchase the decals.


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