2" Lift Install

The factory tires on the 4Runner were well worn at nearly 100K miles and 11 years of ownership. I'm actually shocked they lasted as long as they did. I had won a discount card for Discount Tire and decided now was a good time to get some new tires and wheels. I wanted to go up one tire size from 265/70R16 to 265/75R16 and went with Bridgestone AT Revo 2 tires. I wanted to update the wheels a bit and considered painting the Ivan Stewart TRD wheels I had to be a darker grey metallic, but after pricing paint and prep materials it was cheaper to just buy new wheels. I went with Level 8 MK6 wheels in a 16x8 4.5 BS and +0mm offset. Since I knew I was going to do the Tundra Brake Upgrade, I made sure these wheels were also listed for the 2000 - 2006 Tundra insuring they would fit.

After installing the new tire and wheels I had a very slight rub at the back of the driver side inner fender. Nothing on the passenger side though. I guess build tollerance or something? Anyway, the largerrubber upset the body lines in my eyes and I decided a two inch lift was in order. I've had trucks in the past that I put four or even six inch lifts on and honestly it was just too much for what I used the trucks for. I wanted to be careful and ENHANCE the 4Runner not ruin it with too much lift. I took a lot of measurements using a jack under the frame to determine that two inches was the max I wanted to go. Keeping the lift modest at two inches also meant I didn't need to worry about adjustable rear panhard bars or front diff drop spacers.

The Ride is FANTASTIC. Better than stock. Smooth but controlled and firm without being jarring.

I couldn't find anyone who offered this setup as a "kit", too bad as it would be a big seller I'm thinking. I ended up putting this together from an online Toyota dealer and Wheeler's Off Road.

For this modification you'll need:

Tundra TRD Front Coils P/N 48131-AF100 Yellow/Yellow and 48131-AF090 Yellow/Blue
Tundra Front Coil Isolator MONROE P/N 907926
Old Man Emu 906 Rear Springs
Bilstein 5100 Front Shocks P/N 24-188265 (From a TRD Tundra)
Bilstein 5100 Rear Shocks P/N
24-100144 (From a TRD Tundra)
Jack and jack stands
Wide assortment of metric sockets and wrenches
Strap Wrench (possibly a dremel or cut off wheel for the rear shocks)
Torque Wrench
Impact Tools (recommended but not required)
Spring Compressor (Loan A Tool from local auto parts shop)

How To Video: