OEM Fog Lights

When doing the first oil change in Project SportRunner I noticed some loose electrical connections up by the front bumper.  These were factory taped up out of the way, one on each side.  After looking into this I found that this was the wiring harness for the factory fog lights that were strangely absent from my 2002 SR5 model.  I inquired to the dealer parts department on the price of these fog lights and was shocked when they responded with nearly $400.  I decided I could live without them.  I started looking into these again a couple of years later when I saw them on sale at Performance Products for $99.  The ones from Performance Products were the EXACT same as the ones offered from the factory so I bought a pair.  They are actually Hella brand lamps and I've only found them at Performance Products.

For this modification you'll need:

Hella 4Runner Factory Fog Lamps
Factory replacement headlight switch with fog switch collar Toyota P/N 84140-14120 (optional)
1/4" drive socket wrench and sockets

Like everything else I've done to Project SportRunner I wanted my installation to look completely factory.  The fog lamp kit comes with everything needed to install the lamps including a dash rocker switch that fits one of the factory cut outs.  However, to use this switch you have to splice into the factory dash wiring.  I wanted an exact factory install, so I ordered a replacement headlight switch with the fog switch collar integrated from Carrie at Northridge Toyota.  With the internet discount the switch was pretty cheap and well worth it for ease of install and factory finish.  Using this replacement switch makes this a plug and play install.

Installing these lamps is a snap as they bolt right in place with no drilling or cutting.  The factory harness that should already be on the vehicle just plugs right in to the lamps.  In my case since I was using a replacement headlight switch, I just took the cover off the steering column, removed the screw holding the stock headlight switch in place, and unplugged it.  I then plugged the new headlight switch with fog light collar in place and put the column cover back on.  Finally, plug in the fog light relay included with the fog light kit into the fuse box in the engine bay in the slot marked FOG.  Total install time was about 30 minutes.

The last thing to do is to go to a dark parking lot with a wall you can aim the fog lights on.  Just follow the directions included for aiming, but basically you just measure up a few inches and put a piece of tape, then aim the lights at the taped area.  Simple.