Always looking for a new project, I decided to transform my trusty daily driven 2002 SR5 4WD 4Runner into a more sporty and fun vehicle to drive.  These pages will detail the modifications I made and the lessons learned along the way.  The goal was to improve the aesthetics and add a level of "sportiness" to a great all around vehicle without compromising ride quality, over all comfort, or reliability.

There are some inherent differences between the model years of the 3rd generation 4Runner (1996 - 2002).  I'll try to note those in articles where applicable as all of my modifications are for a 2002 model.  Be sure to double check your specific vehicle prior to following any of my articles.  As always, these pages are merely my personal experiences and I recommend all work be performed by a certified professional.  Following any of my articles is done so at your own risk.


Stock on 9/1/06 - Estimated 140 RWHP     170 RWTQ Modified on 3/5/08 - Dyno 240 RWHP     259 RWTQ