Sport Skid Plate

There's not much to say about this other than it looks cool.  I originally wanted a "Sport Edition" 4Runner but couldn't locate one in my area that was in good shape so I went with the SR5 model I have instead.  I've added most of the Sport Edition options to my 4Runner already such as the scoop hood, but I've always liked the look of the sport skid as well.  In the past getting one of these was cost prohibitive as Toyota was very proud of them, but they've since been discontinued and if you can find a dealer with a couple in stock you can get them for a decent price while they last.  Once they're gone expect the price to increase rapidly as you'll only be able to find them from folks who stocked up with the intent of making a fast buck.

For this modification you'll need:

Toyota sport skid plate P/N PZ32735010
Metric socket wrench and sockets

Installation is very simple and retains the stock tow hooks and loops.  Simply remove the tow hook and loops, install the skid bracket and reinstall the tow hook and loops.  Then bolt the skid plate to the bracket.  The install takes all of 20 minutes.

Before After