TRD Wheels

Nothing improves the looks of a stock vehicle faster than a set of wheels.  I did a little looking around, but I've always liked the classic with a hot rod twist styling of the TRD Ivan Stewart wheels for 4Runners and Tacomas.  Historically these wheels have been very highly priced and nearly cost prohibitive, at least for me, but Northridge Toyota out of California offers a significant discount on parts, so I ordered a set from them.  Anyone in their internet parts sales department should be able to help you, but I've taken a liking to Carrie and try to work with her exclusively.  She's thorough, quick to get questions answered, and the orders always arrive quickly and accurately.

For this modification you'll need:

1 set of 4 TRD Ivan Stewart Wheels
4 sets of lug nuts to fit the TRD Wheels
A new lug wrench for your tool kit

These wheels are 16 x 8 with a 1" positive offset giving the vehicle slightly better handling and a more agressive stance.  The stock P265/70 R16 tires will fit fine.  They are forged aluminum making them strong, yet they weigh the same as the stock 16 x 7 wheels.  These require different sized lug nuts than stock, so be sure they're included.  You'll need a new lug wrench for the factory included tool kit as well.  I picked up one of those folding 4 size lug wrenches from Autozone as a replacement.

I could actually tell a difference in the handling over the stock wheels.  The vehicle seems to hold turns just a hair better.  But all that aside, they look killer and REALLY step up the "sportiness" of the 4Runner which is my ultimate goal.