Water Methanol Injection and 2.1" Pulley Upgrade

After driving Project SportRunner for nearly 10 years at 240RWHP and 259RWTQ, I wanted to tweak it just a bit more and gain some wide open throttle consistency in the power delivery. Looking at options, it seemd a water methanol injection kit was exactly what the doctor ordered.

For this modification you'll need:

Water Methanol Injection kit (lots of options and price points)
Tank tap from Devil's Own for washer reservoir
Assortement of sockets/wrenches
Soldering Iron
Heat Shrink
Wire Loom
5PH to 7GPH injection nozzle (3GPH was not enough for mine even though calculators said it was)
-20 washer fluid at a minimum, recommend to add at least one 12oz bottle of Heet, or get pure methanol from a race shop.
You can also use pre-mixed "boost juice" that is available if you don't mind the cost

The install is straight forward and will take about a day if done properly with nice wire runs, etc.