Dyno Day


After running 10.51 at 131MPH in the quarter mile a couple weeks ago, I was curious how much horse power Go Man Go was putting down. I had the chance to attend a local dyno day and the results surprised me as much as the track times. The dyno was a Dyno Dynamics brand, which is supposed to be pretty accurate from what I'm told. Watching several other cars run ahead of Go Man Go and knowing what I thought they should make gave me a bit more confidence. In the end we put down 669.6 RWHP on the first pull, 661.1 on the second, and 652.3 on the third. That averages to exactly 661RWHP for all three runs and is quite impressive bone stock and on plane o'l 93 octane. I was expecting about 650RWHP based on the track times. Lots of potential with this already VERY fast car :)





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