Challenger Hellcat Oil Change and No Dust Brakes


Afert 1000 miles of driving bliss, I figured I'd go ahead and perform the first oil change on Go Man Go to get that break-in oil change completed. Hellcat engines are broken in on the engine dyno prior to installation in to the car, but I still wanted to do one oil early oil change at 1000 miles. At the same time, I decided to swap the front brake pads for something less.....dusty. The factory brakes perform great, but MAN do they dust. I could drive 100 miles and the front wheels would be absolutely covered in black dust. No bueno!


These items are very basic, require very little mechanical knowledge, and are things you can do with simple hand toos, and a jack and jack stands of course.


For this modification you'll need:



Jack Stands

OIl and Filter

Oil filter wrench

Pan for Oil


Creeper (optional)

Brake Pads


Socket set with 7mm, 10mm, 13mm, 15mm, and 21mm sockets

Adjustable Wrench (for backing up aluminum lines on oil cooler)

Impact - optional but makes things easier

Plastic Rivet Removal Tool

Blue Locktite

Rubber Mallet

Torque Wrench


Difficulty Rating: Tool Icon HalfTool Icon NoneTool Icon NoneTool Icon NoneTool Icon None




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