Ceramic Coating


I had heard about the benefits of ceramic coatings from friends of mine, and when having the Xpel clear protective film installed the installer highly recommended I consider it as well. The ceramic coating is basically a thin layer of a glass type substance that goes over paint, clear coat, stripes, rubber, and plastic surfaces essentially sealing them in a shield. The professional level products that require acredited installer status to purchase will last 5 - 7 plus years on a well maintained car. For one that is garage kept, they'll likely last many more. This means the vehicle not only has a just polished and waxed appearance at all times, it also means it's MUCH easier to clean, and stays cleaner longer as things like bugs and road grime have a harder time sticking to the surface. The added benefit of paint protection against tree sap and bird droppings which don't effect ceramic coatings is an absolute bonus.


I opted for the pro version and enlisted Eric from www.TruShine.net to return to Speedy's Garage to perform the install. I'm quite impressed with the end result. Go Man Go is certainly much easier to clean, bugs spray off with a garden hose, and the shine is unbelievable! Knowing I'll likely never have to wax the car is a bonus :)





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