Per4mance Development IRS Brace


A fellow Hellcat enthusiast came up with a brace to support the rear differential in the 2015 and up R/T, Scat Pack, 392, and Hellcat models. He'd seen several folks bust the rear differential housing at the strip, and developed and produced this brace design in an effort to help prevent it. It is also said to cut down on the wheel hop, which is really bad on parts as well.


For the price it's cheap insurance so I picked one up for Go Man Go. The part is very high quality, everything you need is included down to the Locktite 242, and the install very simple. The part is high quality and comes in a nice thick powder coat finish.



For this modification you'll need:


Per4mance Development Diff Brace

Ramps or jack and jack stands

Torque wrench capable of 50 and 90 ft/lbs

M8 x 1.25 tap (if pre 2016 model) to clear threads on rear cross member

Ratchet with six inch extension

10, 13, 15, and 16mm sockets

13mm stubby wrench


Creeper (optional)


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