Hellcat Upgraded Drive Shaft


After seeing several Hellcats pretzel the drive shaft when running good tires, I decided it was cheap insurance. After seeing the stock drive shaft, it's no wonder they're turning in to pretzels. The big end is only 3.5" and the small end a disappointing 2.25"! I decided to use the tried and true Driveshaft Shop for the upgrade. I ran their drive shaft in Orange Krush worry free for many years and the 4" aluminum dampened unit seemed like a good fit for this application, so that's what I ordered. It's massive in comparison to the stock unit, easy to install, no drama during install, and no vibrations or additional noise noticed after installation. I can literally see no down side to this upgrade.



For this modification you'll need:


T50 Torx socket for stock DS bolts (prepare for a workout here)

Hex head socket set (H8 and H10 specifically)

Torque wrench capable of 57 ft/lbs and 70 ft/lbs

Tape Measure

Rubber Mallet for adjusting exhaust


Jack Stands (several or a buddy to help)

Creeper (optional but highly recommended)

WD40 or other lubricant for exhaust hangers

Impact and cordless ratchet for quick work (optional)

Blue Locktite

Wheaties if you're working by yourself :)


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