Shortened Sway Bar End Links


Just like on Orange Krush, the Weld Racing 17x10 wheels would make contact with the sway bar when the car was lifted in the air for wheel installation. The solution was the same as on Orange Krush, and that is to use shortened sway bar end links. You can do this yourself, or have it done, pretty cheap. Just remove the end links, cut out one inch, and weld them back. Just be careful with the heat so you don't damage the bushing. On Orange Krush I had the stock end links modified by a local shop for $30. On the Hellcat, I found a used set for sale pretty cheap on one of the forums, so I just snagged those.


Stock vs shortened:




For this modification you'll need:



Jack Stands

Wheel Chock

15mm and 16mm sockets or wrenches

Torque Wrench

Crow Foot Adapter (optional)

Cut off wheel or other tool to cut the end links

Welder (or take them to a shop :) )

Or just buy a set already shorened


Difficulty Rating: Tool Icon HalfTool Icon NoneTool Icon NoneTool Icon NoneTool Icon None


Install procedure is exactly the same so here's the video from Orange Krush to show you how it's done.



Make sure the shock wiring is secured AWAY from the wheel. The 17" wheel can come in to contact with this wire if it is not routed properly, especially the passenger side. I simply used a bit of WD40 to lubricate the wire in the factory zip ties and pushed the slack toward the center of the vehicle and made sure it wasn't close to any other components.


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