Clear Bra


I've had previous vehicles get pounded by rock chips and with new vehicles having more and more painted areas across the front it's become a real problem. I decided to give a clear bra a shot to see how it would do at protecting Go Man Go. My biggest concern was being able to see it after the install, but my local installer used Xpel Ultimate and I'm happy to say it is down right invisible. It's also a self healing material that will brush off the typical minor blemishes with a few minutes of heat from the sun.


I did some research and found a local installer that ticked all the boxes. You guys know I'm OCD so I wanted someone experienced, dedicated, and who used the best material and installation techniques. I found Eric at and the guy is a wizard with this stuff. The first phone call to Eric had him explaining all the benefits, options, and installation variables. I figured anyone who would take 20 minutes just to talk to a potential customer on the first phone call was someone passionate about their craft. Eric informed me he only uses machine cut material based on templates that match the vehicle, which provides for a very clean install. He also does rolled edges to further hide any edges and fully protect installation areas. Eric is mobile and comes to you, so if you're within his service area he certainly gets the Speedy's Garage seal of approval and I can't imagine why you'd call anyone else.



Eric also does ceramic coatings, which protects the paint and basically makes it worry free for 7+ years. He did such a good job on the clear bra, I'm planning to have him come back to ceramic coat Go Man Go and elminate the need for me to ever worry about waxing it :)


Check out his YouTube channel for some of his work and projects at




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