392 HEMI Harness Covers


I wanted to make a change to the engine bay for the 2014 car show season and at the same time move to something easier to maintain and manage in terms of wiring harness covers. A lot of folks mistakenly call them valve covers, but they actually are there to simplly dress up the engine bay by covering the injector, and other, wiring. The solution I came up with are the 392 wiring harness covers modified to fit my R/T with the Magnuson blower.


This modification is pretty simple. You'll need a dremel and some sand paper, and paint or a good painter. I went a bit further than the rattle can a lot of folks used and had my good buddy Joe Agent at Agent Automotive do up a custom paint job with a hydro dipped skull effect. He'll do up a set of these for you at an extremely reasonable price, so get ahold of him at www.AgentAutomotive.com if you want some. To finsih them off I had Nate at www.RebadgeDesign.com make the custom emblems and they are OEM quality. I made the template in Photoshop, but Nate is a skilled graphic artist, so if you aren't good with that sort of thing just shoot him an e-mail of your idea and he'll send back a mock up done up for you.


Be sure to check out the custom painted coolant reservoir I did to go a long with these new covers.


For this modification you'll need:


392 wiring harness covers

Dremel with cut off wheel and grinding stone

220 grit and 400 grit sand paper

Paint or a painter

Painter's tape

Industrial Velcro (optional)

Arrington Performance Adapter Kit (for later model Magnuson superchargers) - Call Arrington and ask for Don

Badges from Rebadge Design (highly recommended)


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