Custom Coolant Reservoir



After installing the new 392 HEMI wiring harness covers, the coolant over flow reservoir was an eye sore. I had hit that with some custom spray to match the HEMI Orange Challenger.


A friend at ChallengerFest5 gave me a spare coolant tank he had on hand, so I was able to work on it while the stock one stayed in the car. Once ready I just swapped them out. If your careful it'll take all of 20 minutes and you won't even need to buy coolant.


Be sure to check out the engine covers made to match this coolant reservoir.


For this modification you'll need:


Coolant reservoir (spare highly recommended)

Red sanding pads

Painter's Tape

Paint (or a painter)

10mm socket and wrench with small extension

Needle nose pliers

Locking vice grips

Tools to remove stock air box or CAI if installed



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