Aerofore Fuel Pressure Sensor


I decided to make a couple of changes to my guages and added an fuel pressure sensor to feed my Aeroforce Interceptor while I was in there. It's nice to have the ability to see fuel pressure as I'm driving when needed for tuning or in the event I ever need to trouble shoot hte fuel system.


If you've checked out my Performance Gauge Install article, this will be easy, it's just adding a few extra wires to the mix. If you use the Aeroforce sensor, be sure to get the +5V regulated power adapter to go with it.


For this modification you'll need:

Aeroforce Interceptor gauge

Aerofore fuel pressure sensor

Aeroforce +5V power adapter

Soldering Iron


Heat shrink tubing

10mm wrench

Zip ties

Dash pry tool set

Electrical tape

Phillips head screw driver

Wire stripper

Wire cutter


Difficulty Rating:


There's not a lot to tell here as far as install goes. Just follow the Performance Gauge Install article and add this to it. Here are a few pics. Since I already had a mechanical fuel pressure gauge in the engine bay I needed a "Street T" fitting to adapt the Aeroforce fuel pressure sensor to the system. Now I have it in both places which comes in handy on the dyno. Also note in the pictures below I'm pointing to where I mounted the +5V regulated power adapter.


You'll notice my gauge colors have changed from blue to black/white. I just wanted something a bit different.



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